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Ostrich feathers by Jake Curtis

Journal 19 March 2020

The Prince's Foundation response to COVID-19

Following government advice on Monday 16 March, The Prince’s Foundation has decided that its places to visit will close at the end of the day on Friday 20 march

Image of Prince Charles talking with people

Journal 12 March 2020

The Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation

HRH The Prince of Wales visited the Centre, a joint initiative between The Prince’s Foundation and Kellogg College

Close up person carving

Journal 10 March 2020

The Prince's Foundation Building arts programme

Exploring the role that building arts and traditional crafts have in the built environment

Image of house with a red door

Journal 9 March 2020

Changing lives at the Dumfries House wellbeing centre

With complementary therapies and a beautiful rural setting, the new centre is already making a real difference

Cambridge Satchel Company X The Prince's Foundation

Journal 28 February 2020

Cambridge Satchel Company launch collection in support of the Foundation

The collection launches in store and online today

HRH visits The Cambridge Satchel Company

Journal 12 February 2019

Marrying British Style and craftsmanship

HRH The Prince Of Wales visits The Cambridge Satchel Company

Flowers in the gardens of Dumfries House

Journal 10 February 2020

The Prince's Foundation and Sustainable Future

Leading global families respond to HRH The Prince of Wales’s call to action

Image of girl painting

Journal 10 February 2020

School of Traditional Arts MA Programme

An immersive masters programme that explores the origin of traditional art-forms, centred on profound principles that are both timely and timeless

live build

Journal 4 December 2019

The Prince's Foundation Live Build Projects

Each year the Live Build project at Dumfries House sees students team together to apply their newly learned craft skills to real-life scenarios

The Modern Artisan students with HRH The Prince of Wales

Journal 13 November 2019

The Foundation partners with YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP on The Modern Artisan project

The Modern Artisan project will expand on The Prince’s Foundation commitment to strengthen textile skills training within the UK

Close up image of candles

Journal 11 November 2019

The Prince’s Foundation to host inaugural Carol Concert

The Prince’s Foundation will host its first Christmas Carol Concert this December to celebrate the first full year of the Foundation

Putting down roots at mile end

Journal 22 October 2019

Putting down Roots at Mile End

An exhibition celebrating the beauty of Islamic and Medieval European manuscripts was celebrated at The Art Pavilion this month


Journal 24 September 2019

Sustainable Fashion Conference

The Prince’s Foundation partners with Swarovski and Fashion Council Germany for a conference about sustainability in the fashion industry

Image of two girls

Journal 24 September 2020

The Snowdon Summer School

This year’s Snowdon Summer School saw a select group of students inspired by expert tuition in marquetry and cabinet making

Image of a girl playing in water

Journal 24 September 2019

Teaching children STEM skills on the Dumfries House estate

A pioneering educational programme at Dumfries House is helping children embrace the worlds of engineering and science

Image of a man standing with his bike outside the shop "Cycle Life"

Journal 17 September 2019

The Value of Community: A new report

For decades, The Prince’s Foundation has campaigned for mixed-use, environmentally sound, walkable, mixed-use housing developments, which encourage communities and local businesses to thrive

Image of a girl at the Summer School

Journal 3 September 2019

The Prince's Foundation Summer School

This year’s Prince’s Foundation Summer School equipped a fresh intake of students with vital skills in building crafts and architecture


Journal 1 September 2019

The Carriage in Ballater celebrates its one-year anniversary

Celebrating The Carriage's one-year anniversary at Ballater

Image of Kate Middleton and little girl

Journal 22 August 2019

Back To Nature Garden

The new Back to Nature Garden at Royal Hampton Court Palace features work by The Prince’s Foundation craftsmen Jonny Briggs and Jonny Anderson

Image of man drawing stars

Journal 6 August 2019

Geometry Summer School

This August sees the second Geometry Summer School held at Dumfries House, in Ayrshire, Scotland, taught by The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

Lord Snowden and Lucy Moorish

Journal 18 July 2019

An interview with Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts alumna Lucy Morrish

The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts' graduate Lucy Morrish on her master's degree

Close up person carving

Journal 12 July 2020

The history and preservation of stone carving

Former Building Craft student and now tutor Christian Accolla shares the heritage of stone carving and its modern-day uses

health and wellbeing

Journal 10 July 2019

6 months at the Health & wellbeing Centre at Dumfries House

Six months after it opened, Dumfries House’s Health & Wellbeing Centre is going from strength to strength

Degree show people looking at a painting

Journal 4 July 2019

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts degree show

Lord Snowdon, Vice President of The Prince’s Foundation, attends the School of Traditional Arts annual end of year degree show

Image of a girl

Journal 25 June 2019

Wood carving with Building Craft alumna Sarah Goss

Building craft alumna shares her insight into the heritage craft of wood carving and its modern day uses

future makers

Journal 20 June 2019

Future Makers

The prince’s foundation has launched a brand new training programme that will enable budding garment manufacturers to develop their production skills to the highest standards

The Granary

Journal 20 May 2019

The Granary Lodge open at The Castle of Mey in Caithness

The Granary Lodge has opened after development managed by The Prince’s Foundation in a joint venture with the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust


Journal 24 April 2019

Paubhā painting at the School Of Traditional Arts

Traditional Paubhā painting master Dr Renuka Gurung shares the history behind this spiritual Nepalese art form


Journal 20 March 2019

Islamic Calligraphy at the School of Traditional Arts

Islamic Calligrapher Nuria Garcia Masip gives an insight into the artistic handwriting technique

Alex Begg

Journal 15 March 2019

A visit to Scottish scarf manufacturer Alex Begg's factory

Renowned scarf manufacturer Alex Begg has joined forces with Dumfries House to breathe new life into the local textile industry


Journal 10 March 2019

Core disciplines at the Suzhou China Centre

We explore four of the disciplines at the heart of the China Centre’s illuminating new programme


Journal 5 March 2019

China Centre in Suzhou

With specialist courses including garden design and Feng Shui, the China Centre in Suzhou is breathing new life into the Traditional Arts


Journal 25 February 2019

The next steps for Craft Build student Esme Walker

The Prince’s Foundation student Esme Walker is cementing her career in Heritage Building Craft with a little help from Cliveden Conservation

Fashion Still Life

Journal 18 February 2019

Preserving the British textile industry

The reshoring of the UK textile industry is in motion, but what does the future hold?

Hugh Petter Architects Article

Journal 10 February 2019

An interview with Nansledan architect Hugh Petter

A new housing project in Cornwall is changing the way we approach sustainable developments, as master planner and lead architect Hugh Petter reveals


Journal 5 February 2019

The Prince's Foundation partnership with MYB Textiles

Tech and tradition combine to revive the fortunes of the Ayrshire lace maker

Old is New

Journal 1 February 2019

Utilising sustainable materials in modern architectural construction

Is the key to modern construction a return to vernacular architecture and sustainable materials?

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Journal 23 January 2019

New craft skills workshop spaces at Trinity Buoy Wharf

A glimpse at two new workshop spaces dedicated to ensuring the future of traditional craft skills

Issue 04

Journal 14 January 2019

The Prince's Foundation magazine issue 04

The latest issue of the magazine is now available

Mocorran Painting

Journal 4 January 2019

Zouaq painting at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

Zouaq tutor Natasha Mann shares her love of the traditional Moroccan painting technique

icon painting

Journal 25 November 2018

Icon Painting with The Prince’s Foundation: School of Traditional Art

Icon painter Aidan Hart shares his love of iconography and the inspiration behind his compelling works


Journal 19 November 2018

Understanding food provenance

An awareness of the negative effects of industrial farming, the return of traditional agriculture and a growing preference for seasonal, sustainable produce, could help us rethink the way we eat: the future of food is on our hands.


Journal 10 November 2018

The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide wins at the urban developer awards 2018

Continued industry recognition for the Australian sustainable development

artist research

Journal 1 November 2018

The School of Traditional Arts heads to China

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts has been assisting conservationists in China to revive the treasures of the Mogao caves in Dunhuang

Draper's Hall

Journal 29 October 2018

Restoration of Coventry's Drapers' Hall

Thanks to The Prince’s Foundation and the Historic Coventry Trust renovation project, the city’s Drapers’ Hall is getting a new lease of life

Mey Games

Journal 22 October 2018

The Mey Games

The Prince’s Foundation will steward the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust as of 2019 – the future of this historic building looks bright


Journal 15 October 2018

Summer School students head to Antigua

Thanks to The Prince’s Foundation, new-found building skills may be the key to the completion of a heritage project in Antigua

The Carriage

Journal 8 October 2018

New restaurant arrives at Ballater

Thanks to The Prince’s Foundation, a bistro, cafe and tea room named The Carriage opens at Ballater train station near Balmoral Castle


Journal 5 September 2018

A new pavilion opens at Braemar

This year’s Braemar Gathering saw the launch of the Duke of Rothesay Highland Games Pavilion

royal drawing school

Journal 1 October 2018

Dumfries House Artists' Residency

The Dumfries House Royal Drawing School Artists’ Residency opens up to Scottish artists

The Prince's Foundation Magazine Issue 03

Journal 29 September 2018

The Prince's Foundation Magazine issue 03

Paying homage to community, heritage and authenticity

Summer School

Journal 14 September 2018

Traditional architecture, design and building skills at our Summer School

We speak to Australian student Alexander Dowthwaite about the valuable skills he has developed at The Prince’s Foundation Summer School


Journal 12 September 2018

The Prince's Foundation Graduation

Education director jacqueline farrell reflects on the successes of this years’ students


Journal 7 September 2018

Discovering buddhist art in china’s mogao caves

Artists from The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts visit a UNESCO World Heritage site in Dunhuang

Building Society

Journal 25 July 2018

Managing rapid urbanisation in the 21st century

As the world’s cities continue to grow, so does the need for a set of tools to manage and plan for the effects on community and environment


Journal 18 July 2018

Keeping traditional Islamic architecture alive in Saudi Arabia’s historic town of Jeddah

A pioneering partnership between The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and Jameel House is helping ensure its heritage endures for future generations

Gloucester St Mary De Crypt

Journal 11 July 2018

Restoring Gloucester’s St Mary De Crypt Church

The grade I-listed restoration project has uncovered some fascinating relics from the past


Journal 4 July 2018

Unveiling Braemar's visitor centre

As the highland games get underway and Braemar’s anticipated visitor centre nears completion, we discover what makes the games such a cultural institution

The Princes Foundation Magazine Issue 02

Journal 28 June 2018

The Prince's Foundation magazine issue 02

Focusing on craft, education and heritage skills

London Craft Week

Journal 31 May 2018

London Craft Week

At this year’s London Craft Week, the Prince’s Foundation introduced woodcarving and stonemasonry to the next generation of makers


Journal 25 April 2018

Glenside Farm on the Dumfries House Estate to welcome a pioneering arts centre

The Jameel House of Traditional Arts and Building Skills is set to open on Dumfries House farmland


Journal 16 April 2018

The Ballater Old Royal Station in Aberdeenshire rebuild is underway

Just shy of three years since it was destroyed by fire, the station will shortly be restored to its former, former glory


Journal 10 April 2018

Alchemy academy: the prince’s foundation school of traditional arts

The creation of colour is an age-old craft that has its roots in culture, commerce and religion

Strata Florida

Journal 5 April 2018

Reviving communities across the uk

Considering local needs is at the heart of the prince’s foundation’s new regeneration projects

Hands on education

Journal 1 April 2018

Hands-on education at The Prince’s Foundation

Learning is more than just a classroom experience; we’re breaking down barriers with our innovative, skills-led vision for education